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Jewellery Cleaning

Jewellery Cleaning Perth | Brinkhaus Jewellers Perth

At Brinkhaus Jewellers, we understand the importance of maintaining the brilliance and beauty of your fine gold or platinum jewellery. We are pleased to offer a complimentary clean and inspection service, regardless of whether you purchased your jewellery from us or elsewhere.

You are welcome to visit us from Monday to Friday to take advantage of this service. Our skilled team of experts will carefully clean and inspect your jewellery, ensuring that it is in optimal condition. We understand that even the most well-cared-for pieces can accumulate dirt, oils, and other residues over time, affecting their appearance. Our thorough cleaning process will restore the shine and sparkle to your jewellery, allowing it to radiate its inherent beauty once again.

During the inspection, our knowledgeable professionals will meticulously examine your jewellery to identify any potential issues or areas of concern. This proactive approach helps to address any underlying problems before they escalate, ensuring the longevity and durability of your cherished pieces. Should any repairs or maintenance be required, we will provide you with expert advice and guidance on the best course of action.

At Brinkhaus Jewellers, we believe in providing exceptional service to all jewellery enthusiasts. We value your patronage and are delighted to extend our complimentary clean and inspection service to both our loyal customers and those who have purchased their jewellery elsewhere.

Visit us during our weekday hours to experience the care and attention we dedicate to your jewellery. Let us revive the brilliance of your fine gold or platinum pieces, ensuring they continue to shine for years to come.


We thank you for your interest in Brinkhaus Jewellers Claremont.