Three Stone Rings

March 06, 2020

Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings are a wonderful way to celebrate the past, the present and the future with the love of your life.

Also known as trilogy rings or past, present and future rings, three stone rings feature three stones set along the hoop with the central stone often being larger or higher than the other two stones to signify the present moment.

Three stone diamond engagement ring perth

As a beautiful and symbolic gesture, three stone rings are often given as engagement rings, anniversary rings or promise rings.

Trilogy rings are traditionally crafted with diamonds, however, particular gemstones with meaning such as birthstones are a lovely choice to express further meaning.

Three stone rings are a popular choice for engagement rings as their symbolism is particularly romantic, but they can also be worn as dress rings to celebrate defining moments in time such as milestone wedding anniversaries and the birth of a child.

Three Stone Oval Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are considering purchasing a three stone ring, visit us in-store to view our range or speak with us about our custom made service where you can design a trilogy ring and have it crafted in our on-site studio just for you.

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