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August 01, 2021

Leo Birthstone Jewellery Perth | Brinkhaus Jewellers Perth


Those born under Leo are exuberant, loyal, self-confident, optimistic, enthusiastic, passionate and spontaneous.

The Zodiac sign of Leo includes five stones: onyx, carnelian, sardonyx, golden topaz and tourmaline. 

Jennifer Lopez, Anna Paquin, Elisabeth Moss, Sandra Bullock, Helen Mirren, Lisa Kudrow, Madonna and Maya Rudolph are among the celebrities that share the Leo sign

Leos love luxury and are enamored by rare, exclusive and designer pieces. Leos love big statement jewels and use fashion to express themselves and their mood.

View our range of handcrafted jewellery featuring Leo stones at 24 St Quentin Avenue, Claremont.

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