The Colour of Sapphires

The Colour of Sapphires

Exploring the wonderful world of Sapphires: Beyond the Traditional Blue

The Enchanting Spectrum of Sapphires

Sapphires, a gemstone we deeply cherish, are renowned for their vibrant spectrum of colours, far beyond the traditional blue. These gems, part of the "big three" gemstones alongside emeralds and rubies, are prized for their dazzling hues and profound symbolism.

Diverse Palette of Hues

Sapphires are not limited to their iconic blue; they exhibit a stunning array of colours. This diverse palette includes:

Pink Sapphires: These range from delicate pastel to vivid magenta, often sourced from Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Myanmar.

Yellow Sapphires: Exhibiting cheerful shades of canary to rich golden hues, they are primarily found in Sri Lanka and parts of East Africa.

Green Sapphires: Offering a spectrum from light mint to deep forest green, these are less common but equally captivating.

Orange Sapphires: Known for their warm, sunset hues, these are often sourced from Sri Lanka.

Purple Sapphires: These exhibit a range from lavender to deep violet, primarily found in Sri Lanka and East Africa.

Black Sapphires: Known for their bold and striking appearance, they are mostly found in Australia and Africa.

Colourless Sapphires: These offer a clear, diamond-like appearance, offering an alternative to traditional diamonds.

The Science Behind the Colours

The colours in sapphires are a result of trace elements in the mineral corundum, the second hardest gemstone after diamonds. The presence of iron, titanium, chromium, copper, and magnesium in varying combinations imparts the wide range of colours seen in these stones.

Historical and Spiritual Significance

Dating back to at least the 7th century BC, sapphires have a rich history and spiritual significance. Historically imported from India (now Sri Lanka), these gemstones have been revered for their beauty and mystical properties. Sapphires are believed to bring calm, focus, and balance to the mind and body, enhancing self-understanding, wisdom, and conviction.

A Symbol of Celebration

As the birthstone for September, sapphire jewellery is an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or celebrating new beginnings. Each colour of sapphire brings its own unique charm and significance, making it a personalised and thoughtful present.

Crafting Your Dream Sapphire Piece

Whether you are drawn to the classic elegance of blue sapphires or the unique allure of other colours, these gemstones offer endless possibilities for creating bespoke jewellery pieces. From sourcing the perfect sapphire to sketching out design ideas, the journey of creating a sapphire piece is as enchanting as the gemstone itself.

Discover the World of Sapphire Jewellery

Our range of sapphire jewellery, available both in-store and online, showcases the exquisite beauty and diversity of these gemstones. Visit us at 24 St Quentin Avenue, Claremont, or contact us to explore our collection and learn more about the enchanting world of sapphires.

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