September Birthstone - The Beautiful Sapphire

September 01, 2019

Sapphire and diamond ring Perth

The stunning sapphire is the birthstone for September and what a spectacular stone it is. 

Sapphires are aluminium oxide, occurring in every colour of the rainbow.

When sapphires are red, they are in fact a ruby and that the word 'sapphire' means 'blue' in Latin.

Sapphires date back to at least the 7th Century BC and were imported from India (now Sri Lanka).

From a spiritual sense, sapphires are said to bring calm and focus to your mind and restore balance in your body.

They encourage a better understanding of yourself, and help you become more secure in your own wisdom and convictions.

As the birthstone for September, sapphire jewellery makes a wonderful birthday present, anniversary present or push present for babies born during the month.

Speak to us about your dream sapphire jewellery piece and we can sketch out some ideas and show you our range of sapphires on hand. We can also source your very own special sapphire.

We have a lovely range of sapphire jewellery for sale in-store and online.

Visit us at 24 St Quentin Avenue Claremont or contact us to find out more.

*The stunning ring pictured can be viewed here.

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