Frequently Asked Questions about Rhodium Plating

Frequently Asked Questions about Rhodium Plating

Rhodium plating is one of our most popular services at Brinkhaus Jewellers.

We thought we would share with you some of the most common questions we are asked about our rhodium plating service.

What is Rhodium Plating?

Rhodium plating is used on jewellery to create a white, reflective surface that will resist scratches and tarnish.

Applying a very thin layer of rhodium electroplating to jewellery helps to make it shine, as well as improve the durability of the piece.

How Long Does Rhodium Plating Last?

Typically, a white gold ring needs to be rhodium plated every 6 to 12 months depending on body chemistry and wear and tear.

How Much Does Rhodium Plating Cost?

A standard white gold ring costs $50 to rhodium plate at Brinkhaus Jewellers. For larger pieces, please contact us for a complimentary quote.

Can Yellow Gold Jewellery be Rhodium Plated?

Yes, yellow gold jewellery can be rhodium plated, however, please note it will eventually wear off and you will be able to see the original yellow gold colour coming through. 

Can Platinum Jewellery be Rhodium Plated?

Yes, we can rhodium plate platinum jewellery to give it a bright and shiny look.

How long will it take to Rhodium Plate My Ring?

Our team of jewellers are on-site 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) so you can drop off your white gold jewellery and collect an hour later between the hours of 10am and 3pm. You can also drop off your piece and collect on another day that suits you.

The next time you are in Claremont, drop off your white gold jewellery, have a coffee or a shop and collect your beloved piece an hour later.

If you have any questions regarding our rhodium plating service please contact us.

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