Coloured Stone Rings

Coloured Stone Rings

At Brinkhaus Jewellers we absolutely adore coloured stone rings. 

From calming aquamarine, striking sapphire, peaceful amethyst, vibrant turquoise, brilliant ruby and mesmerising opal, and of course every shade of diamond, coloured stone rings are a lovely way to infuse some personality and meaning into your personal style.

There is literally a rainbow of beautiful coloured stones out there, ranging from pinks and yellows through to blues and greens, an endless range of hues that allow the wearer to express themselves as well as offering value with a wide range of price points.

Pairing coloured stones with diamonds is a beautiful choice whether they sit side by side or as a halo like this beautiful emerald cut aquamarine and diamond ring in platinum.

...and this stunning pink and Paraiba tourmaline diamond ring in 18ct white gold.

Pink & Paraiba Tourmaline Diamond Ring Perth | Brinkhaus Jewellers Perth

If you are looking for a striking alternative to emerald, tsavorite garnet is a wonderful choice, like this tsavorite garnet and diamond ring in 18ct white gold.

Tsavorite Garnet Ring Perth | Tsavorite Jewellery Perth | Brinkhaus Jewellers Claremont

And if you love the colour purple, you can not go past the beauty of amethyst, as seen in this pear-shaped amethyst ring featuring diamonds in 18ct white gold.

Pear Shaped Amethyst Ring Perth | Amethyst Rings Perth | Brinkhaus Jewellers Claremont

We have a lovely range of coloured stone rings available online and in-store.

We also love working with clients to design custom made coloured stone rings.

The custom made process is an exciting one. You can learn more about the custom-made process here.

Visit us to view our beautiful range of coloured stone rings at 24 St Quentin Avenue, Claremont and please contact us if you have any queries on any of our coloured stone rings. 

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