Bespoke Jewellery

Bespoke Jewellery

The word 'bespoke' is fairly overused (and sometimes incorrectly used) in the world of fashion,  so it is no wonder that the term creates some confusion.

The definition of bespoke is "specially made for a particular person".

It is the opposite of "off-the-rack". Bespoke jewellery is custom-made. It is not a stock item. A made-to-measure item is a standard one customised in certain measurements and details. Bespoke is made from scratch to your specifications.

At Brinkhaus, we take bespoke very seriously. It is a very large part of our business.

We see clients most often with engagement ring or anniversary bespoke requests.

We listen to your ideas, draw up sketches, show you stones for selection and then create the piece just for you.

Should you wish to create your very own bespoke piece or design a piece for someone special, please contact us or visit us  our workshop at 24 St Quentin Avenue Claremeont to discuss your ideas.

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