June Birthstone - The Beautiful Pearl

June Birthstone - The Beautiful Pearl

June 07, 2018

Pearls are one of nature’s most precious objects.

Formed within the soft tissue of shelled molluscs, they are composed of calcium carbonate.

These small and inconspicuous objects are highly prized and coveted around the globe.

Their glistening exteriors are highly valued and natural pearls are very rare. Many of the pearls on the market today are cultured, meaning that they are given a helping hand to grow. A piece of mantle tissue is transplanted into a recipient shell, causing a pearl sac to form.

Round and smooth pearls hold the most value, however, other shapes can occur.

Pearls can be found in fresh and salt water and thanks to different culturing techniques, they can occur in a wide variety of colours.

Pearls can be made into any type of jewellery that your heart desires – pearl earrings, pearl rings, pearl necklaces, pearl pendants and pearl bracelets (to name a few).

As the birthstone for June, pearl jewellery makes a wonderful birthday present, anniversary present or push present for babies born during the month of June.

Jewellery can be crafted from natural pearls, Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls, freshwater pearls, black pearls, pink pearls and any other pearl you may like.

Chat to us about your dream pearl jewellery piece and we can sketch out some ideas and show you our vast range of loose pearls on hand. We can also source your very own special pearl.

We have a lovely range of pearl jewellery for sale in store.

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