3D Jewellery Modelling

3D Jewellery Modelling

For almost 40 years, Brinkhaus Jewellers has been crafting exquisite custom-made jewellery for our valued clientele. We specialise in creating unique engagement rings, wedding bands, and statement pieces tailored to perfection. Understanding our clients' desires has always been our top priority, and we constantly strive to enhance the jewellery design process. That's why we are thrilled to offer a groundbreaking advancement in our jewellery process –  3D jewellery modelling from CAD drawings.

Visualising a custom-made jewellery piece solely from sketches and CAD drawings can sometimes be challenging. At Brinkhaus Jewellers, we understand the importance of ensuring our clients' complete satisfaction. That's why we have embraced the power of 3D printing technology to provide an unparalleled experience. By utilising our state-of-the-art equipment, we can now transform your CAD designs into lifelike 3D models, offering a realistic preview of your final custom-made piece.

Imagine being able to wear and experience your custom-made jewellery before it even enters the production phase. With our 3D jewellery modelling service, this dream becomes a reality. Suppose you are envisioning a unique ring design. In that case, our skilled craftsmen can create a precise 3D model based on your CAD drawings, allowing you to try it on, and assess how it fits your finger, all prior to its physical creation. This interactive process empowers you to make informed decisions and ensure that every aspect of your jewellery meets your expectations.

At Brinkhaus Jewellers, we are genuinely excited to offer our clients this cutting-edge service. With 3D jewellery modelling, we aim to enhance your customisation journey, allowing you to embark on a collaborative design experience like never before. Through a seamless blend of technology and craftsmanship, we are committed to bringing your jewellery dreams to life with unparalleled precision and attention to detail.

Ready to embark on a jewellery journey that combines innovation, creativity, and personalised service? Reach out to our dedicated team at Brinkhaus Jewellers to explore the possibilities of our 3D jewellery modelling service. Click here to contact us to find out more about this groundbreaking advancement and take the first step towards owning a truly exceptional custom-made jewellery piece.


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